So what sort of website do I need?

So what sort of website do I need?

At the beginning, you just need a website.  Then comes the first question: “What type of website do you need?  If the answer to the question, “Would you like Newthornto sell online?” is ‘yes’, then you probably need an E-Commerce website.  There are still one or two points to consider though.  How many products will you be selling?  How much control would you like?  Do you want to be able to just update the categories and products yourself or would you like to be able edit the whole contents of the website from tip to toe?  The answers to those questions will help to determine what type of E-Commerce system you need.

For brochure website design where you aren’t planning to sell online, there are still lots of points to consider.  Would you like to edit the content yourself?  Would you like a blog incorporating in the website?  Do you have plans for the website say for the next 12 months?  Is it possible that there will be future developments to the website that need to be considered in the initial build?

Little Fox can discuss the various possibilities with you and help you to identify which type of website will work best for your business.  Of course, once you have decided what type of website you need, we’ll need to chat some more about design, styles, colours, content etc.Octavia Agencies

Although this initial developmental stage can take a little time, it is worth taking that time to make sure that all aspects of planning the build are covered and ultimately those initial discussions will help to move the build forward faster and have your new website online before you can say, “Little Fox”!


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