How long will my website take to build?

We often get asked how long a website will take to build, or how long will it take from beginning to completion, so to answer this we made a guide to help you out.

What is the normal turnaround for a CMS?
Generally 2 weeks for the initial design of a small website (up to 10 pages).  Once the client has…

So what sort of website do I need?

At the beginning, you just need a website.  Then comes the first question: “What type of website do you need?  If the answer to the question, “Would you like to sell online?” is ‘yes’, then you probably need an E-Commerce website.  There are still one or two points to consider though.  How many products will you be selling?  How much control…

Let’s get to know each other!

Hello!  Welcome to Little Fox’s new blog!  We’re a web design agency based in Castle Donington close to Derby and not far from Nottingham and Leicester.  We build and maintain many different types of websites from large E-Commerce sites to Content Managed (CMS) websites to brochure websites to one page business card websites.

Where do we start?
Discovery. It’s how we get…